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 Brushed Metal samsung Galaxy S3 case

Brushed Metal


- Samsung Galaxy S3 case with a classic design  and a fabulous brushed metal finish

- Polycarbonate with brushed metal coating for a stylish look and extra protection

- Sexies accessory providing superior protection




Buy now Brushed Metal case 
Ever wonder how you could give your device both style and protection? Try using Brushed Metal. It has a simple and classic yet very stylish design because of its vibrant color and brushed metal coating giving it a glossy appearance. It also has an electroplated edge that you can detach or install for added design as well as an extra shield for the edges of your gadget. Overall, Brushed metal makes a superior accessory not just for its superior materials but also for its innovative design.
Folo case for Galaxy S3



-  Leather Samsung Galaxy S3 Case with magnetic flip design that works as a viewing stand

- Made of superior PU leather material

- Provides maximum protection for without affecting its normal use




 Buy now Folo Galaxy S3 case

Folo is a cool and elegant most of all Samsung Galaxy S3 cases with multifunctional design. It has a magnetic flip front cover that extends from the back cover and serves as a viewing stand when folded. The magnetic flip also provides added protection to the front and sides of the phone to ensure that your device is fully protected and not just the back part. With this stuff, your telephone will be safe. Folo is also lightweight and slim so it is very handy for everyday use. 

Sport Armband for Galaxy S3

Sports Armband


-  Heavy-duty sporty armband case for Samsung Galaxy

- Made from premium materials that can endure tough activities

- Protects your device while doing work-out, sports, exercise and other physical activities





If you like to carry your Galaxy with you while exercising, or engaging in workouts, sports or other physical activities, this Sports Armband might just be for you. Using this, you will not be worried that smartphone will accidentally fall while doing tough activities. It has a multiple padding providing reliable protection during any physical activities while giving you access to your phone’s functionalities. It is lightweight and adjustable; you can easily wrap it around your arm to keep your gadget secure.

Python Leather


-  Durable, reinforced stitching

-  Premium nylon material

-  Secure magnetic closure

-  Compatible with Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 4 Verizon, Apple iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-i727, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy S II Hercules SGH-T989, Samsung Galaxy S3






Crafted from heavy-duty, premium nylon with a secure magnetic closure and leather wrapped belt clip. Measures 2.75 (H) x 5.25 (W) x 0.85 (D) in.

•Durable, reinforced stitching
•Premium nylon material
•Secure magnetic closure
•Elastic sides
•Leather wrapped belt clip
•2.75 (H) x 5.25 (W) x 0.85 (D) in.


Porshe case for Galaxy S3



-  A hard plastic covered with leather skin.

- It features black color and leather material that touches soft and comfortable. 

- The famous sports car logo is nicely embossed in the center. 






This samsung galaxy iii case is made of the highest quality so far. A combination of hard plastic and embossed leather, it gives all the protection you all need The logo adds more value making this cover skin have an elegant and stylish look. The Porsche-S is strong enough and will protect your telephone from the scratches. The leather at the back brings a nice feeling whenever you touch and in addition, it brings out the natural look. 

The availability of the logo brings out a stylish pattern which is not common to come by. This gives a cool look and tastes enabling you to show it it off whenever you go. Full access to all the device functionalities and all the controls. You will be at liberty to continue using your phone as normal. More so, accessibility to all ports is guaranteed as you can easily get access to the microphone port and even the charger port. It is easy to install and you will not need any additional tools to do so. It has an anti grip and will make sure that your phone is safe as it is not easy to slip off your hands whenever you are using the phone. 

Ferrari case for Galaxy S3



-  A hard plastic flip covered with leather skin. 

- It features black color and leather material that touches soft and comfortable. 

- The famous sports car logo is nicely embossed in the center of this one. 






This is a nice looking which is worth trying among all samsung galaxy s3 cases. This product  is composed of a hard plastic which is then covered with leather skin at the outer surface. The leather material is soft and appealing to the hands whenever you touch it. The hard plastic material is to enforce its durability. The Ferrari-S  brings out a unique taste and look with the famous sports car logo embossed right in the center of the item. This gives an elegant outlook composed of a taste of innovation and creativity and at the same time, ensures your phone is safe.

The magnetic element is also strongly enforced with stitches to enhance durability and still bring out the stylish look. There is the availability of magnetic buttons which makes it easier enough to open and close by just pressing the button once. The innner side also comes with a hard shell which will hold your phone tight inside to avoid drop or slide out. The additional plush inside ensures screen protection. This cover skin has a very simple installation process and access to all your usable ports. 

Snoopy case for Galaxy S3



-  Cool hard plastic Samsung Galaxy case with Snoopy design

- Made from heavy-duty hard plastic material tested for toughness and durability

- Protects your phone without blocking any ports, controls and buttons






Snoopy is a famous cartoon character and if you are fond of him, this hard Snoopy Galaxy S3 Case is just perfect for you. With its cool and unique design, even if you don’t know the character, you will still like this one. Not only is it lightweight and slim, it is also reliable in protecting your phone. And with its superior quality, you can rely on this product to provide long-lasting protection without compromising the normal use of your device.


Nautical Battery Back

  • Extends the life of your phone for hours, enjoy your fun and won't let you miss any important calls.
  • Works as both an external battery set and a protection case.
  • To charge your Samsung Galaxy SIII i9300, simply put the phone into the portable battery and slide ON/OFF switch to On.

We all know how important the batteries are to our phones as we have to charge our phones to enable it to function as desired.  This is why we carry our chargers when going to the office, to a long journey or visiting a friend over the weekend.  With all these movements, we need to give our chargers protection so that they can last longer enough.

One such protective device we can use is the External Battery 3500mAh Charger Case which will ensure that we prevent our Samsung chargers from any damage of any nature. This case comes with a unique design which is more fashionable and good looking. 

Carbon Happiness case for Galaxy S3

Carbon Happiness


-  This product specifically designed to shelter your phone from daily damage that caused to your phone

- Fashionable and uniqueness, comes with mirror function and gives it a new look

- Cool carbon style




 Buy now Folo Galaxy S3 case

This product comprises of both the back and front cover and this makes it very perfect for your phone as it has two housing functionalities at the same time. It does not only protect your battery, but also gives your phone the necessary protections when it is in place. Made of very high quality material which encompasses craftsmanship,it consists of front protective case and back cover housing as a package. 

This cover can also be helpful if you want to replace your broken or scratched back cover. The front cover is also very vital as it protects the screen from scratches and dust while in use. This Carbon Fiber has an anti slip feature which gives you a pleasing touch while holding it when having a call, you are very sure that it cannot slip off your hand. 

In addition, these back and front cover are very easy to install and does not require any expertise to do that. This Samsung Galaxy S3 flip cover is also designed in a way that it is very simple to remove and this gives you an easy task while in operation. The controls are also easily accessible and you don’t have to remove the covers while accessing the necessary ports.

Flip Leather case for Galaxy S3

Flip Leather


-  Plastic back and leather front galaxy s3 case

- Crafted from premium plastic and PU leather materials

- Gives your phone overall protection from front to back, corners and edges




 Buy now Folo Galaxy S3 case

This ultra slim samsung galaxy s3 flip cover is an ultimate protective product that can protect all parts of your phone from front to back including the edges. The leather material used for the flip leather front provides extra protection to the screen because of its soft texture while the hard plastic material back is excellent in absorbing the shock caused by accidental bumps or drops. Additionally, the seamless design of the case gives your phone a sophisticated and professional look.

-With seamless design and sophisticated look

-Ultra slim; One of best samsung galaxy s3 case

-Leather flip cover ensures that your phone will stay in place even when kept in your pocket or purse 

-Durable and strong plastic and leather materials used make a good combination for protecting your phone while keeping it in style 

-With precise cutouts for all the ports, controls and functions so you can continue to use your phone even when it is on 

-Lightweight; very handy to use 

-Installation can be done in a snap; no need for any tools



Samsung Galaxy S3 is an awesome blend of advanced technology and quality materials with scratch resistant glass touchscreen. The outward gorilla glass needs utmost care in order to safeguard the fragile screen from any kind of scratches or damages. Of course you are ready to spend some amount on protecting your valuable smartphone from any kind of external damages. Samsung galaxy s3 cases provide extra protection within their elegant covers for the exclusive gadget. This is a practical thing for those who are travelling often with their precious gadget. While you are browsing for the best Galaxy S3 cover, we can offer different ones with variety of functionality.

There are back covers that replace original back of Galaxy like thin “Split” back cover model introduced in a stylish manner with split curve. Looks like brushed nice metal plate. This one is nice solution if you don’t like to put your phone into boot, just make new look with some cool picture. Your friends definitely will evaluate.

If you like sport and running, try “Sports Armband”, a pouch that is handy and portable as you can put it on your arm. Also it has opening for your Galaxy S3 earphones so you can connect run faster by boosting your brain with favorite track on track.

If you like nice smooth feeling of leather, try out new “Folo” that has expensive business look. This ultrathin galaxy s3 casing will bring some additional respectability into your life.

Brushed Metal is classical jacket for any smartphone. All agdgets are dreaming to have this jacket on. It’s like tuxedo in their world. Just check out this nice looking brushed plating. Your Samsung Galaxy phone just can’t get sexier than with this one.

Nautical Battery Back Cover is back cover that goes with front cover as well. You replace back cover of your Galaxy and you have glass cover. So its complete accessory integrated into phone body with its own theme.

All Galaxy S3 cases provide crafted designs with perfect outlets for microphones, speakers or cameras along with the USB plugs provision for charging your smartphone without removing from the accessory. The matt finish of the S3 gives a classy style to the cherished lelephone and created to provide maximum comfort while holding it in your hands.

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