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 Transformers case for Samsung Galaxy S2



- Nice tranformers theme cover for nice gadget

- Plated edges decorate the metal-like body with frosted finish.

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The Transformers samsung galaxy s2 case comprises of the delicate transformers logo and shows us the innovative idea behind this hard cover for your smartphone. A close look at how the shiny silver chrome lines trim the edges together with the metal like finish and black stripes reveals an image that is self explanatory. As its name suggests, the product with plated edge hard cover for Samsung Galaxy S II gives your telephone all the protection that it requires. Just as we may think of a transformer, this stuff is made of anti scratch and anti shock polycarbonate which protects you from getting any shock from your gadget while at the same time, keeps your device save from scratches and damages.

This samsung galaxy s2 phone cases tells it with an image of a frosted metal-like finish which comprises also of sharp black stripes to finish the blend. Though light and slim as it may be, it will give your awesome look. When it comes to usage, this cover is very simple to install as you don’t have to disassemble your device. The cover comprises of great cutouts that enables you access to all the ports you need and on top of that, gives you the pleasure of accessing any third party connecting device.
Metal Solid case for Galaxy S2

Metal Solid


-  Fashionable Galaxy S2 Case with Metal Grinding Back

- Slim fit plastic grip (clip-on style) covered with high quality synthetic leather

- Snaps right onto your phone with no tools required and you can remove it at any time!

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Your new mobile will be completely safe if you use a Metal Solid for it. The metallic element will be perfect to provide effective protection for your valuable gadget by repelling the bumps and shocks that the device might experience everyday andensure smooth functioning of the device.

An important feature that the hard cover of the device possesses is that there is an opening on the metal grinding back cover. This acts as an outlet for the lens of the camera, provided in the mobile gadget. Thus clicking your favorite photos will be very easy, and you need not take-off the covering each time you try to snap a picture with your mobile smartphone.

The stylish metallic finishing provides a perfect elegant look to the expensive device. In addition to this, the metal back cover case comes in a variety of colors that are stunning. Check additional colors on product page. The shiny and glittering appearance of the metal finishing is responsible to add sparkle to Samsung Galaxy S cases when brought to light. This will certainly attract the eyes of the passer byes 

The casing also saves from excess heat and dust, which might otherwise, create trouble in the smooth functioning. The Chrome-edge finishing will  surely attract the attention of your colleagues.

Dimitri for Galaxy S2

Carbon Dimitri


-  Fashionable skin made of carbon fiber plated back

 - Slim fit plastic grip (clip-on style) covered with high quality synthetic leather

 - The chrome sides can protect your device while still help to resolve antenna issue


Galaxy S2 now has the provision of the most durable and stronger produc. These come in a variety of sizes and colours designed in the most elegant look and made of high quality materials to enable it give your device all the protection it may require. The Dimitri Durable for Galaxyphone is one type of cover that beats them all. At first, it is composed of four layers and that is why it is referred to as durable. These layers enable this one to last as long as possible. That is the reason why it is capable of also giving your device maximum shield from harsh weather.

Another reason is durable holster and port covers. It also has reinforced corners to help your gadget keep to its right place. The additional facilities as the replaceable screen protector provide maximum protection to the screen at all times and can be removed whenever you feel like. Among other Samsung Galaxy S2 cases, this one has tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell that shields your telephone from any form of resistant. Lay on table features which this cover provides also plays an important role as it protects the screen from touching any surface when laid flat on a table and also no slip stability when laid face down.

Installation for this cover is very simple and does not require experience whatsoever. It also allows easy access to the various ports which include the charger port and many others.

Gnol Leather case for Galaxy S2



-  Simple and elegant leather product separete out of other Galaxy S2 Cases

- Manufactured using premium soft faux leather material

- Provides overall protection while keeping protection






Gnol is a item that will keep your Galaxyphone in style without missing out on the protection that it needs. It’s simple yet elegant in design that will not go out of style. And when it comes to reliability in protecting, you can have full assurance that it will protect your phone from dust, dirt, scratches, bumps and shock. With this stuff on, you can help maintain your device in good working condition and enhance its longevity.

- Keeps your device in style with its simple and elegant design

- Utilizes premium leather materials for long-lasting use

- With soft texture for a more comfortable grip

- With anti-slip grip that helps prevent your device from sliding off while in use

- With accurate cutouts for all the functions of your smartphone including ports, controls and camera

- Allows normal use even while it is on

- Protects from possible damage caused by exposure to dust, dirt, bumps and shock

- Installation can be done in a snap; no need for any tools and no need to disassemble 

- Lightweight and convenient to use everyday Samsung Galaxy s2 case


Armband case for Galaxy S2



-  Sporty water-resistant and washable galaxy s2 cover cover with Velcro armband

- Made from durable and water-resistant materials

- Provides excellent гіу and versatility of smartphone usage during sports activities






If you are a sporty person and you’d like to have full access to your Galaxy while doing sports activities or any physical work, this Sportsman-S is perfect for you. It allows you to listen to your favorite music or inform you of incoming calls or messages while running, riding, exercising or playing your favorite game. With its Velcro armband that fits typically in almost any arm size, you can have versatility in carrying, anywhere. You can get these and all other great features from this samsung galaxy s2 phone cases without compromising the looks.

- Sporty and stylish product that can reflect your lifestyle

- Water-resistant and hand-washable

- Perfect for sports and outdoor activities

- With limitless loop closures and extra protective design to ensure that your device will be safe during tough and stressful activities

- With built-in mirror-like screen for display

- Installation can be done in an instant by simply sliding your gadget into the pocket

- Comes with adjustable Velcro armband that will fit almost all arm sizes

Ferrari case for Galaxy S3

External Battery 2800 mAh


-  2800mAh capacity external battery galaxy s ii case  with clear-cut design

- Made from premium materials with rubber coating for dual cover while phone is charging

- Extend the life of your phone for 10 hours while protecting it from possible damage






Looking for ways on how to extend the life of your device so you can enjoy more hours of surfing, gaming and calls? This high capacity External Battery 2800mAh might be the answer to your problem. At the same time, it covers your gadget from anything that could potentially harm it internally or externally. With its lightweight and slim-fit design, this external battery is very practical and convenient for travelers or for those who simply want to have a backup battery for more hours of smartphone usage.

Antique case for Galaxy S2



-  Galaxy S2 case cover with antique pattern and chrome sides

- Made from highly durable and strong synthetic leather material and chrome for edges

- Prevent from possible damage from accidents such as bumps and drops and exposure to elements such as dust and dirt


If you like to give your galaxyphone a cool and distinct appearance, this samsung galaxy s cases cover might be for you. The Antique design at the back cover is just perfectly made; it looks like the real thing, and not only that. With its chrome edges, its overall design makes it look very stunning. Apart from its unique look, Antique also makes a perfect protective accessory that can help prevent your phone from suffering any damage due to everyday use without compromising its usability.

- With unique design that can give you a cool and distinct look

- Made from high grade materials that can endure tough daily activities and long-lasting use

- Slim-fit and lightweight; very handy for everyday use

- Easy and comfortable to grip because of its smooth surface

- Helps prevent scratches and damage due to dust, bumps and shock

- With chrome sides that provides extra prevention to the sides

- Installation and removal is quick and hassle-free

Union Jack for Galaxy S2

Union Jack


-  Cutouts give easy accesses to all buttons and vital ports without removing it

- Made of hard plastic and premium leather


The entire leather made galaxy s ii case features the national flag ofUKat the center of the device. BothUKpeople and you as stylish person would like to use this one for the distinct look. Installing is quite easy and no disassembling is required to install. The flag gets the real look on leather and both the material and the design gives it that fashionable appearance.

This galaxy s2 cases is perfect for the likers of  applications and technologies available with the smartphone and who like to be in style also.
The main attraction is the Cutouts that give smart access to all the vital ports and buttons. The accurate size holds the phone tightly and prevents it from falling.

As item is theme based, no such color variation is available for users. There is gap at the back section from where the camera is visible. Once again, it is not important to remove to take photos.

Thinner case for Galaxy S2



-  Form-fitting galaxy s2 case gives you a fabulous touch and grip. 

- Made of high quality flexible plastic, easy to slip on/off. 

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There is no point in using a smartphone and keeping it hidden using a hard case that is not transparent. Let other have an idea of your standard showing the Smartphone through a transparent accessory. The ultra thin crystal and transparent samsung galaxy s2 cases is now there to use your gadget proudly!

The flip techniques included in. Taking the device out and keeping it inside is quite easy without removing it completely out . The flexible accessory gives the perfect grip and touch of using the smartphone in carefree manner. Exclusive design and color makes it perfect companion for a smart device like Samsung Galaxy s ll i9 100.

It is available in four different colors purple, yellow, red and black. Thus, enough options are there to match with any color. The 8.0 maegapixel camera is safe with the guard and it makes photo shooting easy. The slick device looks slicker because of the smart fitting. Usually a cheaper accessory but works in different ways to protect. It is safe from scratch, scrape inside the cover.

This hunt style accessory also prevent from shocks and bumps. Keep it free from weather damages and other ordeals using the item. 

Antisliper case for Galaxy S2



-  Plastic back and leather front 

- Crafted from premium plastic and PU leather materials

- Gives your phone overall protection from front to back, corners and edges




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Antisliper is a stylish yet tough cover that can give your Samsung Galaxy both the fashionable looks and protection it deserves. It does not only prevent your phone from daily wear and tear but it also provides protection against accidental drops because of its reliable anti-slip grip. The design makes it possible for you to fully utilize even when the item is on. You don’t have to take it off  when you need to charge for any reason. And there’s so much more to its features that you will really like.

- Keeps in style while giving it the protection it needs

- Prevents from dust, dirt, scratches, bumps, shock and other daily wear and tear

- Designed to be non-slip; helps you avoid accidental drops or slips when in use

- With precise openings for all ports, controls and buttons for full accessibility of device

- Installation is quick and simple; can be done without tools and without disassembling


The Galaxy S2 is a smartphone with the capability to reflect you as an individual and your personal style. It only makes sense that you would prevent with a samsung galaxy s2 case that reflects the same unique qualities. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing cover so it is important to not only look for stylish design but also to look for durability and protection. Among the most popular and affordable of all are hybrid models.

The Black Red X Shield is product  that comes in many different colors. It is very affordable and is interchangeable with a number of other interior silicone colored linings that come with a different accessory. The hard outer shell of it prevents your device against aesthetic damage and internal damage that can hinder the performance of your phone. 

For the burgeoning women of your family, the accessory that will meet her fancy is the Pink X Shield. This double layer hard cover is an eye-catching shade of pink, yet still maintains its ruggedness. Easily accessible ports for cameras and other devices will allow you the security you need without hindering its ability to function quickly. 

The Blue APEX Hard gel sleeve incorporates all the protection that you would expect from a traditional hybrid item and manages to incorporate comfort into its design. The snap covers protect the ports of your device from liquids and dust. Your gadget can be scratch free and also avoid any damage to its inner components. 

For those that favor bold style, there are a variety of samsung galaxy s2 skin that take bling very seriously. The Purple Bling Snap accessory really captures the shine you give off. Tiny beads adhere to the hard casing to protect from unwanted nicks. While the cover does not offer the level of protection of full body, viewing your phone as an accessory can make you feel like a new person and you are likely to find yourself taking extra special care when putting your hands on the sparkling.

Ultimate control comes with the best soft grip technology being used. The Red Softgrip Gel Cover uses a mixture of hard plastic for the outer casing and outer layer TPU skin to provide comfort and a non-slip surface. The design is minimal and stylish. The likelihood seeing it slide off of a slick surface are greatly reduced. 

Many samsung galaxy s2 cases give you quick access when you are on the go. You can say goodbye to fumbling through your pockets past keys with the Holster Combo. This accessory lets you clip to your belt, allowing you to quickly get to your phone. The protection is still there and will not get damaged as you go through your day.

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