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 Coffee and Style Ipad3 case

Coffee and Style


- This is a slim and thin new faux suede leather case.

 - Two folds design on the front cover creates an upright angle and a lower angle for video-watching and typing respectively.

 - It molds perfectly to iPad 3 Cases shape while providing easy access to all vital functions.




With this product you can protect your device from dust, fingerprints, scratches. Not only that, this makes your Apple device more distinctive.

- This is a slim and thin  faux suede leather case.

- A Leather case is the most noble of all.

- With its high quality, this ipad 3 case can provide surprisingly good protection

- Two folds design on the front cover creates an upright angle and a lower angle for video-watching and typing respectively

- Your device will be attractive and usable while protected from dust and scratches in this leather case.

- All function buttons and ports are available without taking off, and you can easily install or uninstall it without any tools.
Magnetic Envelope Case for iPad 3

Magnetic Envelope


- Unique leather iPad case with envelope design

- Made using durable and lightweight leather material

- Foldable design allows you to have a comfortable stand angle position ideal for watching videos, reading and typing





Magnetic Envelope is a lightweight one that is very convenient to use. Especially when you are frequently travelling, you want to carry your gadget more comfortably. Aside from its lightweight design, it also has numerous features that can enhance your user experience. For one, it has a foldable design that allows you to view, read or type more comfortably. It can also shield your device from daily wear and tear without blocking normal functions. And most importantly, it has a unique design that will make stand out.

- Unique envelope design will make your new ipad case stand out

- Slim and lightweight; very convenient to carry

- Uses superior materials and craftsmanship

- Designed to provide protection against smudges, scratches, shock

- With magnetic cover that will hold your device tightly inside when not in use

- Foldable cover works as stand for viewing, typing and reading

- With precise cutouts for all the ports, controls and buttons of your gadget

- Installation can be done in a snap and without hassle

Glossy Croc case for iPad3



- Elegant glossy product with foldable design that works as a viewing stand

- Made from premium PU leather designed for long-lasting use and protection

- Helps you save on battery life as it supports the auto on/off function






Glossy Croc has the looks of elegance and sophistication, the kind of bag that you will like for everyday use at home, office or even when you are travelling. But this one is more than just good looks. It also has many features that make it very handy and practical. One of its great features is its reliability in protecting your iPad from wear and tear caused by  shock and impact. And while it protects your gadget, it does so without preventing you from using your device with its accurate cutouts for all ports, controls and buttons for convenient access.

- With elegant and sophisticated design that will reflect your personality

- Made from highly durable materials so you can enjoy using this case for a long time

- Protects from wear and tear that causes damage

- With anti-slip surface of this best new ipad case

- With foldable design to provide you the right angle positions for viewing, reading and typing

- Easy and quick installation required; no need to use any tools


Snake case for iPad



- Elegant leather case with snakeskin grain design

- Manufactured using fine leather material

- With Exterior pocket for safekeeping cash, cards and small gadgets






With its snakeskin grain design, Snake best new ipad cases offers a distinct look to your device and makes it easily stand out. With its elegant look plus great features, this pouch is really practical for everyday use. This item supports auto on/off function of your gadget. When it is closed, device automatically sleeps and also automatically wakes up when opened. It offers great protection as well to your device from dust, dirt, scratches, shock and bumps that are inevitable with everyday use.

- Offers elegant and distinct look

- Superior materials and craftsmanship ensure that your device will be protected for a long time

- Helps save battery life; supports the auto on/off function

- With exterior pocket to can keep your cash, cards and even small gadgets

- Provides an ideal stand angle for reading, typing and watching

- With perfect and elegant cutouts for important ports and buttons for easy and convenient access anytime even when its on

- Protects your pad from daily wear and tear

- Installation can be done in a snap


 Woody case for iPad 3     



- Elegant iPad 3 Cases with distinct wood grain design

- Utilizes premium PU leather for interior and hard shell for exterior

- With foldable front cover that works as stand for different angle positions ideal for viewing, typing and reading






Woody is a uniqueproduct from our webshop as it gives your device an authentic woody look while it is made from premium leather material and not real wood. It has a foldable front cover that allows you different stand angles for viewing, typing and reading. Apart from that, it also helps save battery power because it supports the auto on/off function of your gadget. When it comes to protecting your device, it is also an excellent protective case against dust, dirt, smudges, scratches shock and impact.

- With unique woody design that make stand out

- With premium leather interior and hard-shell exterior, providing dual layer protection for your device

- With anti-slip grip for more secure handling of your device

- Foldable front cover offers ideal typing, viewing and reading positions

- Allows convenient and easy access to all ports, controls and buttons of your without taking off

- Provides excellent protection against internal and external damage due to wear and tear

- Installation can be done in a snap; no hassle and no need for tools


Keyboard Case for iPad 3

Keyboard Case


- 2-in-1: Magnetic Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Folding Leather Protective iPad 3 Case

 - Built-in wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The detachable adsorption keyboard allows you to fully enjoy the wireless fun

 - With wireless operation distance up to 10 meters.

 - With this one, display stand for easy viewing.

 - QWERTY keyboard; Energy-Saving keyboard sleep mode.

 - LED indicators






Tech lovers are crazy about all the remarkable new features of the latest Apple offering. This joy can be prolonged indefinitely as long as you have this detachable leather product. This assembly new iPad Cases turns your gadget into a laptop with the Bluetooth Keyboard . The keyboard is made of premium leather for durability and superior protection. The sleek ABS keys turn pad and keyboard into one seamless unit.

- 2-in-1: Magnetic Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Folding Leather Protective Case
- Built-in wireless Bluetooth  keyboard. The detachable adsorption keyboard allows you to fully enjoy the wireless fun. On your lap, on the desk, or wherever you may   control your iPad at any time.
- With wireless operation distance up to 10 meters.
- Stylish, and high grade protective PU leather case designed for The new iPad / iPad 2.
- With this best new ipad casedisplay stand for easy viewing.
- QWERTY keyboard.
- Energy-Saving keyboard sleep mode.
- With LED indicators.
- Good touch feeling.
- Light weight, quiet keystrokes, dust-proof & spill-proof.
- Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle.
- Ergonomic design.
- Easy operation, need no drive, just plug and play.
- Special HOME screen key for one touch access to a variety of applications.





- Adjustable stand securely holds your new iPad in landscape mode.

- The detachable adsorption keyboard allows you to fully enjoy the wireless fun.

- Built-in 5000mAh battery provides up to 5 extra hours of power for new iPad use, web surfing, movie watching and more.

- Huge Capacity 5000mAh, about 300% of iPhone 4 battery life and 60% of new iPad / iPad 21 battery life.





This product is definitely more than good looks. It has many great features that you will surely like. It has an innovative interior design that revolves 360 degree so you can enjoy three viewing positions for watching movies, reading and typing. It also supports auto on and off features of your gadget when the cover is opened and closed, respectively. And the exterior, it has a magnetic button which holds your device in place when the its in closed. Lastly, this item has built-in credit card pockets for easy access to your frequently used credit or debit cards.

- With innovative and fashionable design that makes your pad stand out

- Interior of the case can be revolved 360 degrees so you can choose the best position for viewing, typing and reading

- Pad turns on when the cover is opened and sleeps when the cover is closed as it supports auto on/off feature of your device

- Protects gadget from dust, dirt, scratches, bumps and shock

- Gives you full access to your device while the ist on

- Credit card slots allow you to store any two credit card-size items for easy and convenient access

- Can be easily snapped into the case without hassle
Retro White House case for iPad 3

Retro White House


- One of best new iPad cases with retro White House design

- Utilizes PU leatherette for exterior and microfiber for interior

- Case is foldable and convertible into a stand for viewing and typing






Dress up your device with this stylish Retro White House case to give it a fabulous new look! This sleeve is multifunctional as it can also work as stand when folded. It enables you to watch movies, type words and read eBooks more comfortably. Apart from that, it can also protect your gadget from scratches, impact or shock without blocking its normal functions.

- Unique and stylish retro White House design can give your device a fabulous new look 

- Case is foldable and works as a stand for reading, working and viewing purposes 

- Durable and lightweight; will not add too much weight on your device 

- Provides excellent shield to your pad from daily wear and tear because of its dual-layer PU leatherette and microfiber materials 

- All the functions of your device are readily accessible even when the its on 

- This product can easily snap into your pad and you can also easily remove it without hassle




The whole world is drooling over the introduction of the new Apple iPad 3 which is a delightful treaty for those gadget freaks. But even amidst their excitement they are hesitant to open the box of their marvelous gadget because of the fear of damaging or breaking the glasses due to scratches or bumps or dents etc. The trendy gadget is too expensive and valued as a treasure by every person owning one. And surely their hearts are searching for the iPad 3 cases as the only option to safeguard their rich possession from any form of destruction. You can browse and search through various places for grabbing the best new iPad cases. There are numerous Apple Stores available in reality and virtual world exclusively to cater the needs of their important customers.

The ipad 3 case are provided with elegant style and maximum protective features that has been exclusively designed in varieties of designs that resembles pencil cases and trapper keepers. There is an sleeve with four leaf Irish design that is believed to provide maximum luck to the person possessing it. This wonderful cover is available in sassy bright colors such as neon green and attractive purple etc. These items are classically designed to provide an elegant and sophisticated look that portrays the richness of the gadget that you are holding I your palms. There is new ipad case handmade and stunning available in the market that will allow you to generate your own fashion style signature with the picture portrayed.

These are the best iPad 3 cases that allow you to use the functionalities of the gadget without removing it from the elegant pouch. There are special openings provided for this purpose. More than style factor it is essential that you select the cover which will protect the expensive gadget from any kind of external damages to the screen or battery such as scratches and dropping issues. The gadget will remain in perfect condition even if it is heavily attacked eventually.

These types of ipad 3 cases are made from sturdy and premium quality materials for providing maximum support. They are the beautifully designed cases that provide full body coverage without hindering the performance of the precious gadget exclusively. Select the ultimatebest new ipad case that provides superior protection and sophistication in perfect blend! Keep your precious gadget safe and wrapped with style!

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