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 Porsche Flip Case for iPhone 4/4s

Porsche Flip


- Porsche magnet flip leather iPhone 4 case.

- Made of premium leather and plush inside materials

- Fashion design with 3D Porsche Logo, and hand tailor edge





The Porsche Flip leather case iPhone 4 will serve as the best case for protecting for gadget. The cover casing is of high quality and great durability. It is a combination of super quality and craftsmanship. The black color even adds grandeur to this elegant piece of gadget cover. The back cover along with the front flip system provides an overall protection to the expensive device from even scratches and dust. The inner fine layered cushion strip helps in absorbing the extra bumps, thereby maintaining proper functioning of the device.

The casing is made of leather of premium quality with additional plush materials inside. The 3D logo of Porsche along with the hand tailor edge provides extra glamour and fashionable touch to the gadget cover. The fine quality of premium leather also provides a smooth texture of the surface of the product, making it comfortable to touch. The cover is devoid of any slippery edges or surfaces, which helps in proper gripping of the gadget by the user. Thus, the chance of accidentally slipping out of the device from the hand is minimized.

In addition to this, the accessory is provided with several cutouts at various parts on its surface, which provides easy access to the ports of the gadget, by the user. Therefore, the user does not have to remove the casing of the device while accessing the ports or charging the gadget. The installation is also very simple. Anybody can remove the cover and put it back, without any hindrance.

Tinocio Case for iPhone 4/4s



-  Chic and elegant Tinocio iPhone 4 leather flip case with magnetic flip top layer

- Made from superior leather and polycarbonate materials

- Durable and strong and can provide overall protection without compromising usability of device





Tinocio is iPhone leather case that is a classic example of classy design; simple yet elegant and radiates a sophisticated look. Apart from its desirable outward features, Tinocio is also designed to protect your gadget from scratches and dirt on both front and back including the edges. And it allows easy and more comfortable grip on your device to avoid accidental drops. Overall, it is an excellent protective сover that is useful for the longevity of your smartphone.


- Elegant and classy accessory that can give your gadget a sophisticated and modern look

- With magnetic flip top layer that protects the screen of your device while giving you easy access to it when needed

- Utilizes polycarbonate material for its interior for an all-around protection against shock and bumps

- Does not block any of the functions of your device including the connectors, buttons, controls and camera

- Holds your device securely in place

- With accurate cutouts for normal use of your smartphone without removing the cover

- Can be installed or removed instantly without hassle

 Book Case for iPhone 4/4s  



-  Genuine leather and handmade accessory

- Made from the finest genuine leather guaranteed to be highly durable and long-lasting

- With 3 card slots for more convenient access to your frequently used cards






When it comes to convenience and practicality, Book leather iPhone wallet  has it all. Many people prefer this because it provides easy access to your most frequently used cards, not one but three. You may also use any of the slots to keep your bills if you like. It is practical for daily use because you can use it as a substitute for your wallet. And not only that, this iPhone 4 leather case is also very neat and fashionable, giving your telephone a unique appearance. At the same time you can rely on it to protect your device from many potential external damage.

- It is handmade, not mass produced so you can be assured of its superior quality

- Made from genuine material that is very strong, durable and long-lasting

- Gives you a good grip of your gadget and a comfortable feel because of it smooth and soft texture

- With flip wallet design with 3 card slots for easy access to your credit or debit cards and even paper bills

- Provides overall protection to all parts of your telephone as it completely covers the edges, front and back parts

- Allows normal operation of your device even when the cover is on

- You don’t have to take off the cowver when charging, calling, texting, or taking pictures as it has precise cutaways for all of your device functionality

- Quick and hassle-free to install

Kibble Case for iPhone 4/4s  



-  Made of high quality flexible plastic covered with leather, chrome edge

- Form-fitting case gives you a fabulous touch and grip

 - Easy to slip on/off






Kibble is indeed a high quality leather case for iPhone 4 comprising of good material and hard plastic.  Its design is quite a unique one and proves to be fashionable enough. This leather iPhone cover is light in nature and slim in size as well.  Because of this, it is easy to carry along to any place and can also fit into any size of pocket.  Regarded as of high quality, the Chrome Kibble edge has its main body made of strong and hard plastic.  This is then covered with deluxe material to give it an appealing look and finish.  The edges also show a supreme luster and perfect polish as a result of electroplates used on it.

This leather case iPhone 4 provides you with the option of using all the controls without taking your gadget off the cover.  The cutouts are no doubt a means of maximizing your smartphone functionality as they are great enough to allow accessory of third party compatibility. Installation of the cover is not difficult as the it is easy to slip on, due to the fact that it is made of high quality flexible plastic material.

This cover will give your smartphone the necessary protection to enhance its durability.  With this, your gadget will be free from bumps and scratches which might limit its performance. This will see your device last for a considerable duration of time more than if it were not protected via this cover.  In fact this accessory will give your device a fabulous touch and grip.


Squama Leather for iPhone 4/4s

Squama Leather


-  Elegant iPhone 4 leather flip case conceived in top quality. Magnetic flip design makes it easy for you to insert or remove your gadget

- Made of durable Plastic with Synthetic material






The new Squama cover will be an ideal accessory  for protecting you gadget. The product is also highly stylish and will provide a fashionable makeover for your device. The cover is made of high quality synthetic matetial and plastic that helps in giving an elegant touch to the expensive gadget. This accessory is the most elegant in appearance, than the covers of any other make. The special feature of the magnetic flip makes it very easy to insert and remove the gadget from the cover.

The surface of the iPhone 4 leather case is very smooth yet not slippery, therefore, there is minimum possibility of the phone to get slipped from the hands. Additionally, the cover also has fine guard at the edges that protects the corners of your smartphone from getting brushed against any other object. It also protects the gadget from dust.

The small openings present on the flip , allows the user to access the ports of the device without getting the cover off. Even the function of the touchscreen is not affected while the device is in the cover. The user can easily access the touch screen facility and all the other vital function keys of the gadget  through the cover. The user can install the accessory very easily, and does not require any professional or expert for the purpose.

 No need to take off your device parts to fit the cover as the process of installation is easy and smooth.


Map case for iPhone 5



-  Premium soft cover with map design

- Manufactured using non-slip, soft and durable PU material for the exterior and rubber for the interior

- Foldable and convertible into a viewing stand






Map iPhone leather case is made of rubber and leather which makes it an extra-durable accessory for your smartphone. The dual layer of leather and rubber is excellent in absorbing impact or shock in cover of accidental bumps or drops, keeping your gadget protected from damage. Apart from that, Map can also be folded and convertible into a stand for hands-free and more comfortable viewing.


Magnetic Envelope Case for iPhone 4/4s

Magnetic Envelope


-  Credit card slots

- Made of top soft PU material and it's easy to grip and gives you a soft and comfortable feel while holding.

- Offers great protection against dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock without blocking the normal functions of your smartphone






If you are thinking of protecting your expensive device from being damaged while constantly using it, then get the Magnetic Envelope pouch for complete protection. This type of casing will keep your expensive gadget under proper protection, covering it from all the sides, with the help of its envelop-style appearance. The smartphone gets very easily settled in the cover; even removing the cover is not of much hassle. Anyone can install or remove it, without dismantling the gadget itself.

The material, used in the casing, provides extra protection to your device. It is also very comfortable to hold. The smooth nature of the leather case iPhone 4 gives a very pleasing sensation to the user, yet it is not slippery at all. The extra layer of protection, which is provided under the layer of the material, acts as a shock absorber and thus helps in absorbing the bumps and other light tremors and vibrations that would have been otherwise dangerous for your device.

The flap of the leather iPhone case contains a magnetic button that helps in shutting of the flap. This additional protection prevents the gadget from tipping-off from the cover. The leather covering also acts as a tremendous support to ward off terrible scratches to harm the device. The magnetic envelop casing also consists of small pockets for holding cards for you. The three cardholder slots, that are provided inside the cover will certainly prove beneficial and even help you are carrying any visiting card or the like.

Soho Case for iPhone 5



-  Hard leather iPhone cover with electroplated edges and a fusion of classic and modern design

- Made from premium-grade hard plastic and leather material

- Great for everyday use; both stylish and functional






If you like a modern-looking iPhone leather cases design, Soho will surely suit your taste. The simple and seamless design of Soho is enhanced with electroplating workmanship, giving it a modern look. It is an excellent cover for daily or special use because of its unique style as well as its capability to protect your phone from getting scratched or suffering damage due to shock or impact. Dressing up your smartphone with Soho, you can give your gadget both style and protection.

Vot Case for iPhone 5



- Leather iPhone wallet with dual-layer construction

- Combines two highly durable materials for its construction – PU leather for the outer layer and rubber for the inner layer

- Can function as a stand and features card slots





Having a Vot iPhone leather wallet offers a great experience for users. This leather iPhone 4 case has a wallet design that could attract attention from others with its brightly colored and seamless finish giving your device a distinctive elegant look. It also comes with a stand for landscape viewing; you just have to fold the wallet and you already have a viewing stand. It also has card slots inside. This cover stands out with its two layers of leather and rubber offering enhanced protection to your gadget.

Noble Case for iPhone 4/4s



-  Genuine leather iPhone cover with embossed super fabric interior

- Made from the finest genuine leather and metal window for call showing

- Drop resistant, shockproof and ultra slim, very practical for everyday use





Noble is a chic and classy cover made from genuine leather that underwent various processes to ensure durability and strength. It has a simple yet elegant design that can give your smartphone a more sophisticated look. It is an excellent protective cover because it is shockproof and drop-resistant, making your gadget safer and well-protected. And on top of that, it has numerous other features that make it very desirable.



Buying an iPhone is more than just buying a smartphone, it is an investment. For most users they not only use their gadget to make calls, they store valuable information. It is essential to protect this investment with a leather case for iPhone 4/4S.  But for most people, simple utility and protection from their cover is not the bottom line. Most customers want the protection from their iaccessory but they also want their cases to look good. A leather iPhone case is the way to go in order to meet these needs. There are many accessories on the market but some stand above the rest, each with their own unique qualities and advantages that make them exceptional.

 A leather accessory can offer the look and feel of luxury. The variety of finishes can enhance this feeling of your gadget while at the same time being an accessory that is sure to impress. As an accessory your accessory can stand up to the high demands of fashion. The Ted Baker Patent pouch for women stands among the top stylish accessory. It comes in either a black or red finish and has a zipper back that securely tucks away your вevice into a satin-lined casing, making it a luxurious. This patent leather case for iPhone 4 protects from damages and scratches while still maintaining your fashion sensibility. 

 Quality cover can also offer protection from the toughest jolts and still offer the sense of craftsmanship that you cover should have. The Aluminum-Lined cover is made from only top of the line leather. It perfect for casual dress or any formal occasion. This product features an aluminum plate lining that can stand up to some real punishment. It also features an optional removable belt clip and magnetic strip securing strap, making it one of the most versatile iPhone leather cases on the market.

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