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- Louise high grade cover with leather coating and chrome edges

- Louise is made from premium plastic material with electroplated edges

- With many great features; keeps your phone in style and protects it from wear and tear, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of your telephone





Louise is a high grade iPhone 5 case made of hard plastic materials coated with elegant leather and with chrome edges. This innovative design offers excellent protection while making your telephone look elegant and sophisticated. It protects your gadget from dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock that can affect the longevity of your device. At the same time, it allows you full access to your phone’s functions because it has accurate cutouts for the camera, buttons and control. Additionally, you can install this  cover quickly and without hassle.

-With a unique design that gives your gadget an elegant and sophisticated look

-Electroplated chrome edges add elegance to your telephone

-Superior hard product that can last long even with constant use

-Keeps your device fully functional while the cover is on with its accurate cutouts for the camera, buttons and controls

-Protects your gadget from dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock

-Slim and lightweight

-With a soft and non-slip surface that helps avoid skidding

-Allows for quick and easy installation; no need for tools

3-IN-1 SHELL CASE for iPhone 5

Exoskeleton 5


- Unique slide-in design for simplicity and ease of use

- Features rubberized coating and inner felt lining

Precision cutouts for access to ports, controls, speakers and camera

Case and holster include kickstands

Rubberized high quality holster with rotating clip




Are you a big fan of the Transformers? You might as well give your gadget a Transformer-look using Exoskeleton 5. It is a modern accessory with a very detailed futuristic design. It securely covers the back part of your gadget with extended bezel up to the front including the screen so that your telephone is securely guarded not only from scratches but also from damage caused by accidents. When you purchase this product, it also comes with a single screw and disassembly tool.

Belt Clip Case

Belt Clip


-  Tough and durable iphone 5 cover with belt clip that works as a stand

- Manufactured using high-grade hard plastic material

- Multi-purpose accessory; works as a stand, protects your phone from wear and tear, and keeps it in style






Multi-purpose hard cover just like Belt Clip is really worth your money. Belt Clip is designed to be extra tough and durable to endure tough daily activities. It provides excellent protection against dust, dirt, scratches, shock and impact without compromising usability of your phone’s functions. It also comes with a belt-clip that you can easily convert into a viewing stand for reading or watching videos. Most importantly, it keeps your gadget in style because of its cool and modern design.

-Superior hard that gives your device cool and modern look

-Made using premium plastic materials and crafted to provide long-lasting protection for your gadget

-Protects your smartphone from damage caused by exposure to elements such as dust and accidents such as bumps and drops

-With accurate cutouts for the camera, controls and buttons so you will still enjoy the normal use of your gadget while the cover is installed

-Belt clip also works as stand for convenient viewing

-Lightweight and convenient to use

-Provides soft and anti-slip grip

-Installation can be done quickly and with ease; no need for tools

Shell Plastic for iPhone 5  



-  Dual-material, two-tone bumper cover

- The middle part is made of hard plastic; lower and upper layers are made of soft silicone

 - Dirt and stain resistant and absorbs shock and impact; excellent protective bumper






Add a splash of color to your telephone while keeping it protected with the Shell two-tone bumper. It has a very innovative design, combining hard plastic and soft silicone to ensure that your gadget will be protected from scratches, dirt, shock, or impact. It simply looks elegant and sophisticated and not too flashy. It fits snugly to your telephone and you can use it for everyday protection.

-Bumper with stylish and unique design composed of multiple layer of materials

-With upper and lower layers of silicone and middle layer of plastic; ensures complete protection for your gadget from shock or impact

-With dual layers of materials effective in absorbing shock and impact

-Simple in design; looks elegant when installed

-All functions of your telephone are readily and conveniently accessible

-Quick and easy to install

-Adds a splash of color to your otherwise simple-looking phone


Limpa Leather Flip for iPhone 5



-  Smooth-surfaced leather wallet pouch with magnetic clip

- Intricately made from high-grade soft leather

- With a seamless design, smooth finish, and a metal handle with magnetic clip that can highlight your smartphone






Many people don’t want a iphone 5 cases that only protects the back part of their smartphone while leaving the front, sides and corners unprotected. Not so with the wallet-style Limpa. And as long as your gadget inside the wallet, you can rely on its protection not just from dirt but also from impact or shock. It is also functional by providing card slots for keeping not just your cards but even folded paper and bills. And aside from its useful features, it has a vibrant bright color and a seamless design that is just simply elegant.


Hybrid stand for iPhone 5

Hybrid Stand


-  Modern-looking Hybrid Stand accessory with built-in stand for portrait and landscape viewing

- Made of 3 premium materials: aluminum, TPU and chrome

- Highly durable and reliable protective cover that can absorb shock and impact, and can protect telephone from scratches






One of the best ways to protect your gadget is to dress it up with a durable cover that can withstand the stresses of daily use including its ability to protect your gadget from shock or impact. Hybrid Stand can give such protection and can even exceed many superior cases in terms of performance because of its hybrid materials used. It also has added features such as built-in stand for different viewing angles. Your device will also never get out of style with this cover because of its modern look. It even has a circular cut at the back to make the Apple logo visible which adds to its elegant style.

Woody's case for iPhone 5



-  Innovative and eco-friendly woody’s hard cover

- Made using real bamboo and wooden materials

- Offers great protection against dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock without blocking the normal functions of your smartphone






Woody’s is an innovative iphone 5 cover made from real bamboo and wooden materials that are both sturdy and tough. These materials are reliable in shielding your device from the elements and accidents that can cause potential damage to it. And while it protects your smartphone, it does not block its normal functions as it has accurate openings intended for the camera, ports and buttons so you can still enjoy full usability of your gadget while the cover is on. Interestingly, it composed of two separate interlocking pieces which makes it very easy to install or remove from phone.

-Gives your smartphone a unique and eye-catching look

-Made from natural wood and bamboo known for their toughness and durability, making this cover of tough

-Easy to install or remove because of its unique design composed of two interlocking pieces

-Protects your gadget from dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock which can affect its longevity

-Slim and lightweight

-Quick and easy to install

-With accurate cutouts for the camera, ports and buttons for full access to your phone’s functions

Slide-on Metal Bumper for iPhone 5



-  Slide-On aluminum bumper with built-in SIM card slot

- Case is created from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum material, giving it a brilliant finish

- With innovative slide-on design for easy installation






Do you ever worry about getting your gadget scratched or damaged because of inevitable accidents such as drops or bumps? Slide-on aluminum bumper may be able to provide the best protection for your telephone. Slide-on is a two-piece bumper that covers the front and back part of your gadget with aluminum edges while retaining your phone’s original look as well as its lightweight and slim features.

Camera Silicon Case for iPhone 5



- Silicone skin cover with look-alike camera design

- Constructed using soft silicone materials

- With telescopic lens design that can be zoomed in and out to work as a stand for portrait and landscape viewing





Being stylish with your smartphone is easier with Camera silicone cover. It can easily trick your friends that you are carrying a camera instead of a telephone. It even has its own version of telescopic lens that you can use as a stand. It also has a raised screen bezel for added protection to not only the back, corners and sides of your smartphone but also to the screen.

Distinctive Metal Case for iPhone 5



-  Cool and stylish metallic aluminum cover with a distinctive modern design

- Made from premium metallic aluminum with electroplated edge for added elegance

- Protects you phone’s back and sides without adding noticeable weight or bulk to your gadget





Get your telephone this Distinctive hard cover and your smartphone will surely stand out. This product has a very unique modern design that can certainly keep your telephone in style. Apart from that, its design also provides maximum protection for your gadget from dust, scratches, impact and shock that can potentially damage it. It incorporates accurate cutouts for the camera, ports and buttons to enjoy the normal use of your telephone even with the iphone 5 case on. For practicality, this accessory is designed to be lightweight and slim and ideal for everyday use.

-Keeps your telephone in style with its distinctive cool and modern design

-Superior cover that can protect your smartphone from damage due to wear and tear

-Made from premium materials with electroplated edge for extra protection and elegance to your gadget

-With a large circular cutout at the back to make the Apple logo visible

-Allows for full access of your phone’s functions with its accurate and elegant cutouts

-Lightweight and thin and very convenient to use

-It can be installed or removed easily without hassle



With the increasing demand for iPhone 5 cases in the market, manufacturers take advantage of this opportunity to create a variety of smartphone covers or covers with different styles, materials and features. Although having a lot of options is a good thing, to some it creates a problem when it comes to deciding which case to buy. You can easily get lost in the plethora of choices available and making the right choice becomes more challenging.

When it comes to choosing an accessory, there are several important things to consider: the features, materials used, and the design.

One of the most basic features a case should possess is its ability to protect gadget from dust, dirt, scratches, bumps and droppings that are common causes of external and internal damage. Another is an anti-slip feature that allows a more secure grip of the device. And for convenience, it should have accurate cutouts for controls, ports, buttons and camera so full access to all functions is possible even when the cover in on. And lastly, it should allow easy installation and removal. Some people have special needs like those who always engage in physical activities or who love water sports and activities. In such cases, there are also specially designed iPhone 5 covers for them with special features like armbands or water-resistance.

The material used is also important when considering which product to buy. Popular materials used are polycarbonate, leather, silicone and aluminum alloy.  These materials differ in terms of weight, durability and flexibility and each has its pros and cons. The material used can greatly affect the ability of the product to protect your telephone. Materials that are tested for durability and strength can often withstand the stress from daily usage of a gadget, thus they can provide better protection.

Lastly is the design. Some users consider the design as their primary consideration in choosing an smartphone accessory. Consumers have different preferences in terms of design depending on the looks that they like to give their gadget. Some prefer simple and elegant accessory while others prefer the flashy ones. Others prefer funky, modern, or classic iPhone 5 cases and so on. In choosing the design, it would help if you choose the one that reflects your personality and style.

Knowing the features, materials and design of a particular cover or case before buying is important so you will know if it has the features and attributes you are looking for. And if you are not very sure, you can also read consumer reviews as well as detailed product description of an cover you like for more information.

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