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 Retro Eiffel case for Ipad 2

Retro Eiffel


- Fashionable Leather ipad 2 case with retro Eiffel design

- Made from superior PU leatherette and plush microfiber

- Protects gadget without blocking its ports and controls for maximum accessibility




Retro Eiffel is a chic and fashionable cover for your device designed not only to give your device a cool new look but also to enhance your user experience. It is made of superior leather and plush microfiber material to give your pad the optimum protection that it needs to avoid internal and external damage. It also comes with a foldable design that you can use anytime as stand for viewing, reading and typing. And most importantly, you can still fully utilize your device even when the cover is on.

- Retro Eiffel Tower back design provides an eye-catching look

- This one is foldable, and you can easily convert it into multi-purpose stand

- Lightweight and does not add too much extra weight on your device

- Enables you to access all ports and buttons without taking off because of its elegant cutouts

- Provides excellent protection against dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock

- Installation can be done quickly and without hassle; all you have to do is snap on your device
Napio Keyboard Battery Case Case for iPad 2

Napio Keyboard Battery Case (2 in 1)


-  A combination of bluetooth keyboard case and external battery charger

- The keyboard has a lithium battery for charging your gadget directly from the keyboard

- Can be operated wirelessly up to 10 meters





This keyboard battery booth has a very innovative design that can turn your device into a laptop-like device with Bluetooth keyboard. As it has a high-power 4000mAh capacity battery that can fully charge your gadgte anytime, anywhere. The Bluetooth keyboard function, on the other hand, allows you to wirelessly control your pad up to a maximum distance of 10 meters. You can even snap your device into the keyboard cover for a more comfortable viewing experience.

UNITED CASE for iPad 2



-  Classy folio leatherette iPad case with United States’ flag design

-  Made from PU leatherette and plush microfiber material that is highly tough and durable

-  With grooves to provide different stand viewing angles for watching, reading and typing

-  Compatible with: iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4.






With its unique United State’s flag design, United iPad case is a total head-turner. But more than its good looks, it also serves several purposes and packed with great features. For one, it protects your iPad from exposure to dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock that are common causes of damage to the device. It can also be folded and serve as a stand with multiple viewing angles depending on what activities you engage in, be it reading, viewing or typing. And it helps you save your battery life because it supports the auto wake and sleep function of your device. When closed, iPad automatically sleeps and when opened iPad automatically wakes up.





-  Beautiful and stylish flower-embossed leather iPad case with 360-degree rotating stand

-  Manufactured using premium leather material

-  Offers three viewing positions ideal for watching videos, reading and writing

-  Compatible with iPad 2






Tracery is a stylish iPad case with vibrant color and embossed flower design that can give your iPad a beautiful new look. This case is very ideal for daily use to shield you device from wear and tear that can cause internal and external damage. It has an innovative stand that rotates 360 degrees to allowing you to enjoy both portrait and landscape stand position. And what’s good about this case is that it does not block the normal functions of your iPad even when the case is on.


 Soft Briefcase     

Soft Briefcase


-  Simple and elegant leather

- Made from durable soft leather for exterior and microfiber interior

- Protects gadget from daily wear and tear






If you are looking for a simple yet elegant iPad case that is excellent at protecting your device from dust, dirt, scratches, impact and shock, Soft Briefcase may be the right product for you. It is made from superior materials that make it superior in build to provide long-lasting protection. It is also slim and lightweight and very convenient to carry especially when you are travelling.

- Briefcase style with elegant design

- Utilizes superior materials and craftsmanship to ensure a superior accessories for Apple device that can last long even with constant use

- Protects your pad from potential internal and external damage due to exposure to daily wear and tear

- Lightweight and slim; very easy to carry

- With unique embolus button for easy opening and closing of the ierm and to ensure that your device is safe inside when not in use

- Your gadget can easily slide into thi one for easy keeping


Softy bag for iPad 2



-  Unique soft iPad pouch with bead button closure

- Manufactured using soft plush material that is soft and lightweight

- Easy and convenient to carry; can easily snap on inside ipad 2 cases






Softy is a soft and unique pad bag that is very lightweight and convenient to use. Gadget can easily be placed or removed from the bag so it is very convenient and hassle-free to use. While inside the bag, your device will be safe from scratches that can affect its appearance. This bag is made from very soft material that is comfortable and durable enough to keep your device inside. Plus, it has a bead button closure to ensure that your device will stay in place unless removed from the pouch.

Stripes case for iPad 2



-  Colorful iPad 2 case with three slot options for different angle positions

- Uses durable fiberflax leather for exterior and microsuede for interior

- Helps save battery life




















The Stripes is a colorful one that can give your device an eye-catching look and protection that it needs for daily use. With its dual materials that are both durable and tough, this stuff can efficiently withstand and absorb shock or impact and helps keep your device free of scratches and dirt. Additionally, it can also help you save on battery power as it allows automatic turning on or off of device when this one opened or closed.
Briefcase for iPad 2



- Elegant and professional-looking foldable ipad 2 leather case

- Made from tough and durable soft leather material

- Supports auto on/off feature






For the business apple pad owners, Briefcase can reflect your lifestyle and personality. It is a professional-looking packed with great features. It utilizes superior materials to ensure a superior product that can last long even when used regularly. It also protects your device from daily wear and tear that can cause potential internal and external damage. Additionally, it can enhance your experience in viewing, typing and reading using your device because of its foldable design which you can easily convert into a stand.

- Seamless and unique design gives you a professional look

- Soft leather material used is reliable in terms of protecting your device from dust and dirt

- Supports on/off features; when opened, device will also turn on and when closed, will also sleep

- Allows for more comfortable viewing, reading and typing with its foldable design that works as a stand

- Slim and lightweight; very handy for everyday use

- With openings for all vital ports and buttons for maximum usability

- Installation is quick and easy; no need to use any tools

Solar keyboard for iPad 2

Solar keyboard


-  Durable top layer leather cover protects in style.

 - Standby time: solar panel can constantly charge for the battery under sunshine.

 - Smart Design keyboard conglutinated automatically with Jacket.

 - The Thinnest iPad wireless keyboard case
Built-in retractable stand.

 - Vailable high quality black pu leather and suede. Best case for ipad 2





The keyboard is made of premium leather for durability and superior protection. The sleek ABS keys turn the device and keyboard into one seamless unit.

Durable top layer leather cover protects your pad in style
Standby time: solar panel can constantly charge for the battery under sunshine.
Smart Design keyboard conglutinated automatically with Jacket.
The Thinnest wireless keyboard case
Built-in retractable stand
Form fit feature covers back, corners and surface.
Available high quality black pu leather and suede
Access to all ports and functions.



Bluetooth Specification: V2.0 standard
Size: 9.3 inch (ABS keyboard)
Distance of use: 10M
Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz.
Operating voltage; 3-5V
Current: <5.0MA
Standby current: 2.5MA
Sleep Current: <200uA
Standby time: 90Days
Continuous working time: 90Hours
Key life: 500 million times
Temperature: -10-+55℃
Uninterrupted working time: 90 hours
Standby time: 45 days, Battery life: 3 years
Charging time: up to 4.5 hours
Lithium-ion battery capacity: Minimum 450 mAh 


Smart pad case for iPad 2



-  Made of polyurethane and soft microfiber material

 - An aluminum hinge magnetically aligns the smart cover for a perfect fit. While magnets inside help it stay stable

 - The smartopad is broken into four panels, designed to fold into a triangular shape so that you use as a stand

 - Support the sleep function: instantly put the The new iPad / iPad 2 to sleep when closed and wake it up when opening. It will help to save battery life





Actually this is what your device needs to be able to stay safe, free from scratches . By this, you will be sure that it will lengthen its number of days by staying new at all times. This is brought about by the cover and it is neither left out but also lasts long because of its durability nature.

The features that Smartopad carries will make you want to own one as yesterday. To begin with this ipad 2 case review, it is made of polyurethane and soft microfiber material to ensure a soft landing to your gadget. The additional aluminum hinge helps accessory stay stable as the magnet aligns the smart cover perfectly. There are four panels on this product which are designed to enable you fold it into a triangular shape in order to use it as a stand. To add to this amazing feature, there is the smart cover which acts as a keyboard stand and this enables you to use the device in two different positions depending on what you want to do at the moment. You can either use it for typing or for video movies watching and game playing.

There is also the sleep function which cannot go unmentioned. You can comfortably put it instantly to sleep when closed or wake it up when opening and this will help save a lot of power and avoid unnecessary wastage.


The accessories market for pads is flooded with numerous choices with the amazing introduction of the hot device. And there are huge varieties of cases for ipad 2 available for keeping your precious gadget safe and secured. These apple ipad 2 case are designed exclusively with purpose and elegance blended in perfect preposition. It dds value to the exclusive features of your expensive gadget with classy style that is more fascinating with every model. Every user’s dream is to keep their tablet safe from any kind of scratches or any other damages to the touch screen. The covers for iPad 2 are the best option that they can seek. A person who often travels will usually opt for leather case that is elegant with streamlined look. You can choose the best accessory  from the wide ranges of options available in our webshop at-cases.com. 

The basic model of ipad 2 cases and coversis made of hard plastic material and comes in various colors. This is sturdy and is patterned on the sides of gadget  extensively. Another exclusive model ipad 2 covers designed are flexible accessories that are also known as the Grip. These types of accessories are made from a material that resembles jelly and is highly flexible in nature. This material is molded around the gadget and gives maximum grip control and provides ultimate protection from any damages caused in case of drop issues. The next type is made from rubber material that is designed exclusively with shock absorbent materials.  These ones are available in bright vibrant colors. 

One of the sophisticated designs introduced is the iPad 2 leather cases made from high quality fabrics to protect the screen from scratches. The popularity gained by these has made it the best sellers in the world technology market. This type I designed with a shell style enriched with a padded core. The exclusive designs look excellent and elegant. And at the same time it provides maximum protection against shocks or scratches making it your ultimate choice. You can read the ipads cover review for more information to buy the best one for it in your treasure! The gadget freaks are thrilled with the varieties of accessories for this gadget that are available in the market and are entreating their precious computer with the perfect accessories!

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