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E-CNC Aluminum Bumper


- iPhone 4/4S aluminum bumper  that comes with a protective bag

-Molded from aircraft-grade aluminum with ultra-suede backing

-Offers complete protection for your phone especially its corners and sides


buy now E-CNC Aluminum Bumper
Aluminum is one of the best materials for protection. What’s more if it is aircraft-grade aluminum just like the ones used in manufacturing E-CNC Aluminum Bumper? It does not just look cool but also has features that are very functional and beneficial to smartphone users. These include slim fit, lightweight, highly durable aluminum material, and accurate cutouts.



-CNC Solid aluminum bumper 

-Durable A Grade CNC aluminum material

-Matte surface, slim side. Blade has the SIM card slot opened so you don't have to unscrew the bumper every time you need to switch the SIM


 buy now CNC SOLID

CNC type aluminum metal is being used to manufacture this product that makes it a durable protective shield for your device. The other benefit of using aluminum covering for sensitive gadget is that it keeps the phone cool and takes care of the inner technologies. Thus, buying it you get double protection for your expensive gadget that safeguards it from inside out. It keeps the phone safe from shocks, bumps, dust and dirt and gives it long life.

The perfect finish, slim side and the matte surface of the covering brings unexpected wonderful feeling. The size is also perfect for the device as the phone fits in easily in the casing and you do not face difficulties to keep it in or to take it out. The cutouts of the covers give easy access to all essential cables of the phone while providing the freedom of using. The casing is available both in regular and contrast colors to suit the choices of individuals. Keep the phone switch on while unscrewing the bumper any time it is needed. The covering is a perfect companion for your smartphone.

THIN SOLID Aluminum iPhone 4/4S Case



 - Durable A Grade CNC Aluminum material

 - Matte surface, slim side and perfect finish bring you unbelievably wonderful feeling

 - Anodized to create a hard protective coating in brilliant colors


 buy now THIN SOLID

When it comes to taking care of your smartphone in style, consider this accessory because of its strength and size. It is made of very thin durable but quality aluminum material. Hence, will make sure that no additional weight is added to your gadget. The metal at the back cover also ensures sturdiness of this product when in use. This makes it exceedingly durable and can last as long as you want it to.

This Thin Solid aluminum metal bumper is the right choice when it comes to protecting the phone from scratches, dust and shock which occurs from time to time. The styling which comes with it also enables easy use of the camera and flash whenever needed. The slim nature will ensure that it fits well into any size of pocket and also contributes to easy movement with your iPhone. The stylish look on it makes it perfect for any attire as it can go well with both business and casual attires.

One advantage of this cover is that the cutouts allow easy access to all the cables which you may need to use. The ports are not an exception as they too can easily be accessed without removal of the cover. Installation does not require expertise and can be carried out by both beginners and the gurus. You also have the liberty to choose whatever color that makes you comfortable. They come in different colors and this enables fair selection.




 - Brightly colored two-piece diamond metal bumper

 - Crafted from aircraft-grade CNC aluminum

 - Can fit snugly into your phone while protecting it without covering access to its ports and buttons



This bumper has a unique two-piece design enabling easy installation. It is shock-absorbent and once assembled and installed into your phone, your phone can be assured of protection from shock and impact. Also, it can add a splash of color to your otherwise classic-looking phone making it more attractive and stylish. Using this bumper is a great way of giving your phone enough protection while maintaining its original shape and functions.






 - High-grade brushed alum hard backcover with synthetic leather covering

 - Manufactured using sturdy and durable polished iron with synthetic leather for covering

 - Provides long-lasting protection for your phone against dust, dirt, scratches and impact without compromising usability



Replace your old, damaged, broken or scratched iPhone 4S back cover with this glossy and elegant Brushed Alum hard backcover. Not only will your phone get a brand new look but it will also be well-protected. This backcover is made of polished iron with synthetic leather for covering providing excellent protection for your phone from wear and tear which can affect its longevity. Moreover, it is also slim and lightweight and retains the original shape and weight of your phone, just like your old back cover.


 - High-grade hard backcover designed to provide long-lasting protection for your phone

 - With faux leather covering giving your phone a smooth and anti-slip surface

 - Shields your phone from dust, dirt, scratches, impact and bumps that can affect its longevity

 - With accurate cutouts for the camera and ports so you can have complete access to your phone’s functions even when the cover is on

 - Slim and lightweight; will not add noticeable weight and bulk to your phone

 - With distinctive Apple logo at the back

 - Allows for quick and easy installation; comes with metal mounting tabs for screwing two bottom screws




 - Detachable design with flexible fastener, portable and convenient to use.

 - Non-slip and comfortable grip feeling with brushed metal plate outmost.

 - Extend the working time of your device.

 - One switch on/off button for easy operation.



This product is a very important element for your smartphone if you want it to last a long time. This external battery is made from high quality materials which include brushed metal on the outermost part. This is what makes it durable and at the same time, provides an anti slip design which surely prevents it from slipping off your hand. The product is very pleasing to the hand as it gives a comfortable grip feeling while holding.

External battery 1600Mah aluminum iphone 4 case is a detachable power charger that is very convenient and easy to use as it has a flexible faster. It is also very helpful while on travel or away for a business trip where you don’t require heavy loads as it lightweight in nature. It also is termed modern as it is made in a stylish way which is exceptionally appealing to the eye and this makes it comfortable to carry along with you.

When it comes to operation, the battery cover gives accessibility to your battery controls and thereby you can easily operate it without removing the cover. Controlling the battery is a one step with the cover on. It has just one switch which you simply press to switch ON or OFF whenever you need to. On the other hand, it will provide maximum protection to your external battery against bumps, scratches and dust. This will surely see your battery charger last considerably longer than expected.




 - Fashionable and uniqueness, metal gear solid design gives your smartphone a new look.

 - Supreme material: made of durable high-grade and hard plastic material, and back covered with aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which explains the sturdiness of this cover.



The Gear Solid metal iphone 4 cases are made of very durable high grade plastic material which provide a firm nature.  The back of these skins is also covered with aircraft grade aluminum alloy to give it the sturdiness that it all requires. Meanwhile, your device continues to enjoy all the protection against scratches and bumps while inside this hard cover.

With these features, the Metal Gear Solid cover still remains the preferred choice when it comes to durability of both the accessory and the gadget.  This is because your smartphone gets all the security it requires at all times.  Its other unique feature of the transformer diagonal design at the back cover puts this cover at the front for all transformer fans. In fact, this design enhances its appearance by making it look very stylish and supreme.

It is best known for ease of installation as the steps are simple and easy to follow.  Just dock the skin onto your phone and the installation process would have been done.  You also have the option to uninstall it by simply slipping it back and within seconds, you will be done. When it comes to operating your device, this cover allows you to access all the controls without having necessarily to remove it.  The availability of a dock connector also allows easy charging while the phone is inside.  




- Made of high quality ABS plastic + electroplating technology

- Fashionable and super cool design. It is the only bumper with the fit and finish to go toe to toe with your smartphone

- This Bumper fits snugly around the edges of your phone and gives it a splash of color. It's a fun and unique way to personalize your gadget too. With its elegant and contemporary design, it looks great with both business and casual attire


buy now DUSTER 

This is the newest model which will give your phone extra care and protection that it requires.  Given that this bumper is made from high quality plastic and metal, it is very flexible and fits well onto your device.  The bumper also fits snugly around the phone edges to give it a complete look and shape.  The combination of electroplating technology which is incorporated in this bumper makes it resistant to shock.

This Duster aluminum has a distinct look which is very fashionable.  This makes it the perfect choice for your smartphone. Furthermore, the finishing at the edges enables a good grasp of the smartphone because your fingers can perfectly fit into the shape with ease. With this, you are sure of security to your iPhone as it cannot easily slip off your hand.

The cutouts are also large enough to allow access to all the cables and ports with much ease and without removing the cover. In addition, you can access all the controls while the phone is intact because accessibility is not a limiting factor when it comes to this cover. With all these, the bumper still brings out the coolest look ever making it very fashionable to all age groups.   

You will have to follow very simple steps to install it and that makes it stress free when it comes to operation. Nonetheless, this cover beats fashion as it will not let you down with your dressing cord, but always look great whether with official wear or casual wear.




- The beats superior hard aluminum iphone case with seamless and elegant design

- Manufactured using premium metal and polycarbonate materials for dual protection with  iphone 4 metal back

- Provides extra protection for your phone against dust, dirt, scratches, impact and bumps without compromising the phone’s usability


 buy now THE BEATS

Why endure having a damaged, broken or scratched back cover? You can replace it with an even better hard skin to restore the brand new look of your phone. The Beats is one of the better options for you as it will not only give your phone an elegant new look but will also provide excellent protection from wear and tear that might cause damage to your device. At the same time, it allows you full access to your phone’s functions with its accurate cutouts for the camera and other buttons.


 - With seamless design that gives your phone a fashionable and elegant look

 - Chrome edges add elegance to the skin while providing extra protection to the sides of your phone

 - Superior hard cover made from premium metal and polycarbonate materials

 - With smooth and glossy anti-slip surface that is comfortable to hold

 - Shields your phone from dust, dirt, scratches, impact and bumps

 - Allows convenient access to the phone’s camera and other buttons with its accurate cutouts

 - Installation and removal can be done quickly and without hassle




 - Supreme material: Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which explains the sturdiness of this cover

- Unique design: with perforating design, absolutely big love for faddy guys

 - Easy installation: 1.Tilt your smartphone to let the left side key press aim to the opened slot of cover. 2. Lightly press the right side key press till the phone insetted into the cover completely, then installation finished. 3.

 - Precise cutouts give easy access to all buttons, vital ports and features without removing this accessory.   


buy now THIN MAIL

You can opt for the Thin Mail aluminum alloy hard skin if you are bored with the stuffy and ordinary iPhone cover sets. Users can always choose this specific model of the cover whichever is the right for your iPhone 4 or 4S. The highlighting feature with this iPhone cover set is that it is Ultra-slim and hence will never make your iPhone look clumsy or bulky.

Users love to purchase this cover since it features supreme material crafted with aircraft grade that is made of aluminum-based alloy. The supreme material featuring with this cover is one of the main reasons behind its sturdiness and superior quality. Users can gain easy access to all the device buttons since it features precise cutouts and vital ports too. In order to use all the buttons there is hardly any need to remove the cover.     

The noble and eye catching appearance of this particular model of deluxe slim hard skin made of aluminum alloy is due to the reason that it boasts of eye catching design pattern as well as noble appearance. It is an automatic choice among faddy guys who always hold appreciation for big and perforating design patterns. Opt for this cover if you are interested to keep your smartphone free from dust and dirt. The easy installation facility is one of the other reasons behind its ever growing popularity of Thin Mail.




 - Stylish and dazzling cover embedded with rhinestones

 - Made from aluminum alloy material known for its durability and strength

 - With metallic aluminum plate for optimum protection against accidental damage


buy now GLOSS

If you are to give your iPhone a new look, Gloss should definitely be one of your options. Its unique style can give your phone a look of sophistication and elegance. It easily stands out because of its sparkling rhinestone embedded at the back of the cover. Aside from giving your phone a new look it will also safeguard your phone from suffering external damage especially scratches. And most importantly, it has many practical applications for your daily routine.


 - Very stylish and can give your phone a dazzling, elegant and sophisticated look

 - Made from premium plastic material that is strong, durable and lightweight

 - With metallic aluminum plate to keep your device secured while in your pocket or being used

 - Slim fit; will not make you phone look bulky

 - Access to all ports, buttons, controls and camera are open, allowing complete access to all your phone’s functions

 - Protects your phone from dust, dirt, bumps, shock and scratches

 - You can install and remove it instantly without hassle; does not require dissembling of the phone

 - Will not easily wear out even with constant use



The aluminumiPhone 4s case is the ideal accessory. Sometimes referred to as iphone 4 metal case, just look at the difference between soft pouches and hard skins or bumpers. Cloth might lessen the impact, but will not protect against it. It will serve as your first line of defense against accidental drops, or falls from your desk or nightstand, especially when that drop was assisted by a roommate, be they two- or four-legged.

Form follows function

Stylish as you could want, this product will look sharp in its natural state, brushed, or painted. Those skins that are available will stick securely and without wrinkle to the aluminum shell, more than any other material. Highlight your favorite band, sports group, college, cartoon character or even design your own; your metal shell case will be as distinctive as you are while offering protection for your investment and link to all the e-world that your iphone provides. And aluminum is lightweight, no leaning to one side or the other depending on where you pocket your iphone 4 aluminum case.

Your life saver in the information ocean

Think of the apps you have, the photos stored, all your contact information, can you really trust all that information to being lost due to a drop or muffed hand-off? Not if it's protected with a metal iphone case. Think of the time you'd have to spend, and the money, if you lost that source due to a damaged iphone. A new phone, contacting everyone for their numbers and twitter accounts, and all those apps. It's much better to be safe with a iphone 4S aluminum case rather than sorry. And mom didn't even know about metal iphone cases!

One time investment

Buy peace of mind and protection for your smartphone with our accessories and rest easier while strutting your own individual style with iphone 5 aluminum case . You insure the rest of your stuff, why not buy an iphone 4 metal case?. It is a one time investment for everyday and everything that iphone means to you. Plus it's another way to let those around you know you're not a cookie cut out, you're your own unique individual.

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