Mike Rogers 10/13/2012

I never carry my iPhone without a Bumper. The Exoskeleton protects it and keeps it looking good without adding significant weight or bulk. Being an aluminum bumper it also doesn't block the signal. I even bought one for my son, just different color.

Why Buy IPhone 4/4S Cases from AT-Cases?

AT-Cases is a good place to find unique smartphone covers and accessories at reasonable prices. From aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber covers to magnetic pouches made out of leather, customers will find something to keep their smartphone safe and secure while looking stylish at the same time. Most of them are designed for the Apple smartphones, but new categories and supported smartphones are added on a regular basis. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards for secure purchases online and multiple shipping options for those who want their stuff right away.

When customers visit our store, the first thing they notice is the variety of skins available. Not two are exactly they same, which is great for those who like to stand out when using their phone in public. There are covers with team logos, famous products, mirror finishes and more. One particular iPhone 4 case is shaped like an envelope that's magnetic, covered in leather and can hold a few credit cards for quick access at the store. Another holds a back-up battery for extended use and recharges the phone while someone is away from a power outlet. That's just a couple of the accessories AT-Cases has to offer. For those who are looking for iPhone 4s cases, the ones that AT-Cases offers will work for either version of the iPhone 4. There's no need to worry about which iPhone 4 case is compatible with their device. Some of the types of products you may find here: smartphone wallets and cute skins, awesome wooden smartphone covers.

AT-Cases also offer plenty of shipping options to those who need a new cover in a hurry. Naturally, this also includes orders for multiple iPhone 4s cases or covers for the whole family or a group of co-workers who need to protect their new device for work. If a customer receives a broken product or the wrong one, we'll replace it at no additional charge or offer a full refund if the item they ordered is no longer in stock. As for financial information, privacy and security are top priority and will never be shared or sold to anyone.

AT-Cases also offer other items for iPads, Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry devices. Our selection keeps growing every week, so be sure to check out our website often for the latest items and deals we have available. Most of the items from such categories as bamboo and designer skins, cool iphone 4 cases and bumpers, battery extenders and waterproof protective bags range from $20 to $50, which is moderate compared to the big name sites and store who either sell the same items at a higher price or only offer a small selection of them.

For those who want a unique iPhone case or cover, take a look at the ones available at AT-Cases before making a final purchase. There's a good chance that we have one that someone else doesn't offer or being sold at a higher price somewhere else.

Stylish accessories - original cell phone

A telephone, like any other electronic device, needs care and concern. Without them, its lifetime will be short.

Do you like changes and are you dreaming about something original? Are you bored of dullness and gloom of weekdays? Then you are just in need of the best stylish and colorful accessories that will inspire you for new deeds and ideas, as well as flesh out your image, giving it a special individuality. Original gadgets for a mobile will give you an unforgettable feeling and an ability to turn every day into a small holiday. The accessories are fashionable, stylish and just beautiful supplements. New trends of the present day dictate their law, turning the mobile device gadgets into really urgent need.

Made of high quality material, and being of different colors, styles and shapes, they occupy not the last place in the list of useful things for a connoisseur of modern fashion. They influence the tastes of the owners of mobile devices in their own fashion, subjecting them to an insatiable desire to constantly search for completely new shapes and colors, take inspiration and enjoy the little things of life again and again. Those who enjoy sports, followers of the classic style, avid merry fellows, and fun seekers will all be able to easily choose an accessory to their liking. Classics has always been and remains one of the major fashion trends in this direction. Made in classic style, leather, metal or plastic cases will properly complement any image and please their happy owners. Those who enjoy sporty lifestyle will not be disappointed with the comfortable gadgets, made with account of all the particularities of this style. Now you will not have to worry that you must part with your telephone during sports activities or that you may accidentally drop it. A strapped case, created specially for this purpose, may stay on your arm for 24 hours per day not causing any inconvenience. And the accessories of the brightest shades of various colors will bring only positive emotions to those who like to have fun, enjoying every moment of their life, while being in harmony with their lifestyle.

A case for a cell phone is not just an adornment from an internationally recognized brand. It is a style that emphasizes your individuality, creates a vivid impression and makes people admire. Cases for smartphones from such brand names like Samsung, I-phone, HTC, Motorola remain the most popular, and you can buy them online.

In addition to that, at our online store you can buy not only high-quality branded covers at a beneficial price, but also such useful and practical gadgets as battery covers, durable and solid, protecting your device from scratches. For protection of your device from scratches you can also use a specific protective film, specially created for such purposes. Easily stuck and removed, it will practically let the smartphone owner get rid of a lot of problems. Use of the protective film ensures successful operation of your cell phone for a long time.

Nothing can covey the pleasant feelings as holding the phone in your own hands , packed in an envelop of smooth leather, made in a unique design. Solid battery covers of marine, leopard, tiger, or striped black-and-white color will complement any dress, making it much more original and memorable. In addition to everything else, the full-featured use of the mobile device is not complicated by the presence of accessories put on it at all. Thanks to professionally developed design, the owners of these devices can absolutely not worry that the required slot in their unit will be closed. Convenience and comfort are the main features of the up-to-date stylish fashion gadgets.